Creative work done in team
My involvment:
Concept, creation, video editing

The All-new BMW 1 Series.
My Style, My Speed.

Being the 1st BMW model to be made exclusively for Chinese youngesters, we had to face a huge problem: how could we make one message relevant to a target audience made out of more than 300 million people?

The idea:

We decided to unite them with one single powerful message: ‘My style, my speed.’

The execution:

Starting from a website platform to start the campaign, viral videos, a TV Show for a launch event to even selling the car on Tmall, our campaign went in every direction, making sure that every youngesters could find their own driving pleasure with the all-new BMW 1 Series sedan.

BMW 1 Series Sedan Case Movie

BMW 1 Series Sedan Viral Video

BMW 1 Series Sedan TVC

Last revision: October 2021