BMW Brillance Automotive

Internal Communication

In the age of big data and non-stop evolving technology, a significant team has remained behind the scenes. Unknown by most employees, its members are building innovative tools that revolutionize how BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) employees work everyday. It’s time to draw the attention on the BBA IT team and its awesome work.


Change BMW Brilliance Automotive employees’ perception on the IT department.

Our solution: make the IT team members become the hero of an interactive comic book. For this internal campaign, we will open the door to BBA IT world and show how the IT team creates tools for empowering BBA employees in their daily work.


A digital comic book.


Shared on a dedicated microsite, the comic book is enriched with short  animations that makes the main actions more catchy and impactful such as sound effects and popping up dialogues.


Extend the experience with games and hidden extras to engage the audience and edutain through gamification. Crack codes, escape rooms, find clues and get exclusive information on the next episode.


Beyond the reading experience, the digital comic book is the perfect platform to communicate further about the IT tools introduced along the episodes. While reading, employees can share their comments for each comic book box or be lead to the existing BBA Live Chat and the new comic book forum.

The Story

The Unseen

They were developping innovation for the greater good, when an unexpected turn of events unveil a threat so far invisibe. From now on their mission changes for something bigger: empowering people lives by giving them the tools to fight The Unseen. Throw yourself into the action and join the 5 secret agents in a series of thrilling episodes. You’ve never seen them before, but you w

Last revision: October 2021