Chinese New Year isn’t just the most important holiday in China. It’s also the busiest time for advertisers. Over the past few years, advertising that tells earnest, tear-jerking stories has become the norm despite it being a time of celebration.
To cut through, we need to find a completely unexpected way to tell the budweiser CNY story. The budweiser “ants” ads were incredibly popular in China.
Even though they haven’t been run for over a decade, many still recall them as the most memorable icon of budweiser. It’s never been a better time to bring the ants back.

The ants epic journey home

This CNY, a group of ants who work in a big city take the train back to their hometown ant hole. Of course they could never forget their most precious new year gift...
A single bottle of Budweiser! 
Along this epic journey they must work together to protect the bottle from being taken away by anyone and everyone along the way

Last revision: October 2021