Volkswagen ID. AR Concert

Celebrating the launch of Volkswagen ID. models amidst a pandemic.

The Challenge:
Due to COVID-19, big events & concerts were banned, leaving musicians and creators with a void to fill. At the same time, Volkswagen China had to introduce its all-electric ID. sub-brand, which called for a strong innovative launch campaign.

The Solution:
To overcome the hurdles of 2020, the ID. campaign went fully digital. We launched the song “It Starts With Me” that became the red thread of the ID. campaign by using the power of music to resonate with its younger target audience. Then, we electrified our anthem song with an innovative AR Concert that took the concert away from the big stage and into your hands. Allowing our viewers to discover the ID. vehicles through an interactive music video experience.

The Result: 
With over 14 million media impressions and an average play time of 2 minutes, our anthem song ID. Anthem AR Concert found its way to millions of potential buyers who discovered the ID. all-electric lineup through their phones, in their own comfort zones.

+14 Million Media impression

More than 700k views of the AR Experience Film
Case Movie


Last revision: October 2021