Ideas for free.

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Some say that an idea has no value when it's not executed. Others says that you should protect your ideas so that no one steals them from you. I beg to differ.

So here is a collection of ideas that I’d love to see happening. There’s all sorts of things in it, but what matters most is for everyone to feel free and copy, reframe, deform, whatever you’d wanna do.

Their level of development may vary, and I may switch those ideas any time. However, if there’s something that piqued your curiosity, feel free to reach me out here and I’ll be more than happy to talk with you.

H&M Streaming

With this new service, you can enjoy H&M by its fullest. A free to unsubscribe account that allows you to wear Having a Netflix-like subscription at H&M and be able to get clothes delivered to you, as well as keeping them or else. The whole idea behind is to limit the amount of clothes sold and to swift the business model into more of a subscription one in order to create less items and reuse them more

Swap that jersey

The trend of swapping clothes has been here for decades now. However it seems like this movement only conquered 50% of humanity. Indeed, swaps is still a woman’s thing. In the wake of having to depend less on newly made production and think more about the products we buy, could we involve more males to take part of this trend? When it comes to clothes, mens seek to have the latest trend in fashion with sports jersey. So we'll create a platform with events where they can swap their Liverpool 2020 shirt for a PSG one. To spice things up, we'll ask famous athletes to sign limited edition shirts and that we'll proceed to hide within the basket of items.

US, the people

- The United States has been going through a difficult phase these years. The government in place since 2016 has been putting aside sensible subjects such as the place of women in society, and equality of all. We want to address this issue, and reevaluate inequalities to help shorten the gap between the weak and the powerful.
- Introducing a new currency. The US* dollar (*First-person plural subject). Printing spoof money bills that will portray nation heroes that never get to see the light of day. For the first time ever, we will be putting a women on a money bill in the United States.
- We want to go as far as proposing a law to congress to alter the dollar bill in order to update it to today's standard, so that everyone can recognize themselves in a medium they use every day.
- What if they say no? We can arrange a partnership with brands that shares our values and use those dollar bills as coupons that brings discounts in stores. So a 20 US dollar will get you 20% discount at Starbucks.

World Unsubscribe Day

To get more services and info, we subcribe to too many things. Ending up in sharing most of our personal infos to companies. We have to get rid of it. Create a tool that investigate where you have an account. And makes sure to unsubscribe for it. Also possible to have it as an email plugin to get rid of unsolicited emails

No Strings Attached

New devices always comes with cables. But you may already have the cable at home. Why the need for a 2nd one? They both do the same.
The idea is that whenever you buy a new tech product, an option comes up asking you if you want the product to be sold with or without cables. Simple as that.

Don’t paywall my future

Global Warming is real, and the future of humanity holds within the young. Giving free access to crucial informations from respected news organisations so that we can know more and therefore act better.

Last revision: October 2021