Opportunities are everywhere.

Being the link between Chinese people and their money for more than 10 years, Lakala needed to refresh its brand in order to get more market share in an environnement controlled by Tencent WeChat Pay and Alibaba’s Alipay.

Creative work done in team
My involvment:
Concept and creation.


You’re dreaming

Branding Campaign
We wanted to change the definition of the word “作梦: dreamers.”
Usually percieved as a negative statement towards someone but rather something good. Because it is our dreams that fuel our desire to go further
and build great things.

“You wanna explore the whole world by yourself, dream on.
You wanna open your own store and be your own boss, dream on.
You want to make a living out of your paintings, dream on.”


Give every dream an opportunity

Product Campaign

Lakala devices and services are powerful enablers of opportunities.
Our bracelets not only allows you to pay for a purchase but also to take the subway.
Our financial services not only offers profitable rates, they also are the fastest in China.
Finally, our payment systems do not just bank your customers, it also manage your accounting.


Opportunities are everywhere.

Guerilla marketing

Once our motto is sticking into everyone’s head, we launch a guerilla marketing in the streets.
Its goal is to prove that whatever life has to offer, Lakala’s blue frame filter makes opportunities appear,
so that it’s up to you to seize them!

Last revision: October 2021