Super Bock — True Taste of Friendship.

@GPB Shanghai

In China, the lines of friendship have become blurred. Friendship has become a commodity. People look to gain something tangible from their connections but the reality is that many of these relationships are not worthy of the name friendship.

In this film we portray Super Bock as the beer that makes friendship great again. It acts as a friendship facilitator – lubricating social interactions, diffusing tensions, and adding authenticity to relationships. This is the beer that helps us share our similarities and celebrate our differences.

We see friends bonding over competition, inclusion, mischief, defiance, belonging, and more. And throughout these everyday experiences, they always have a Super Bock in hand, raising a toast to the taste of true friendship.

Creative Chairman: Alvin Lim
Managing Director: Andrew June
Artistic Creative Director: Pierre-Louis Marchal
Creative Content Director: Cheah Yipin
Brand Strategy: Greg Sutcliffe
Client: Super Bock

Last revision: October 2021