Volkswagen Safety Campaign

Tackling the negative safety PR through the ultimate cinematic comeback.

The Challenge
The Passat crash test PR fiasco destroyed the once undisputed safety reputation of Volkswagen in China. The issue took social media by storm, creating an urgent crisis blaming our brand for ignoring the safety of the Chinese drivers.

The Solution
Instead of relying on hard sales tactics, Volkswagen emphasized its safety features through the most relevant China passion point: action movies. 4 Short films repositioned each safety feature as an undeniable benefit, even in the toughest situations. Through the lens of an action movie director, Volkswagen proved once and for all that its safety standards are flawless even when the stakes are at their highest. And the end message “We don’t play with safety” completed the ultimate cinematic comeback.

The Result
With more than 147 million media impression and an engagement of over 500k, our videos were seen by over 100 million people on social media, thus reaffirming the trust of Volkswagen enthusiasts.

+147 Million Media impression on Weibo and TikTok
+100 Million views of the films on all platforms combined.
+45% Positive sentiment towards Volkswagen’s focus on safety.

“If I were the actor, I would hide behind the model too.” — Weibo User
“AEB could save your life at a crucial time!” — Top Voted Comment
“This function is very useful for families like mine with naughty children.” — Toutiao User
“Although you guys laugh at VW, honestly, the active protection is useful.” — Anonymous User

Last revision: October 2021