Wild Aid 

Rhino Horn PSA

Nation-wide campaign

China is the largest buyer of illegal Rhino horn. And while action has been taken by authorities and NGO’s  for more than a decade, the wrongful assumption that Rhino horn made products provide either aphrodisiac values or elevates your social status is still very much present in Chinese society.

To tackle the issue, Wild Aid decided to fight against illegal Rhino horn trade using the same technique illegal buyers do to sell their products: using hearsay. But instead of convincing people to buy the product, they would tell people the consequences of buying into it.

For this project, we produced entertaining, insightful videos telling the story of what could happen if you enroll in this illegal trade —not only risking prison, but also bringing shame to your friends and families.

The campaign was published where rumors spread best: online with targeted social media, and offline  using billboards placed near antique markets where illegal Rhino horn is suspected to be traded.

With more than 126 million combined views, the campaign was proven to be a huge success for Wild Aid and the cause it deserves, refreshing their approach to PSA-driven campaign while bringing attention to the topic of illegal poaching to Chinese audiences, a subject diminished during the Pandemic — but very relevant.

Last revision: October 2021