Pierre-Louis (Pilou) is a creative director specialised in Art Direction, combining abundant pitch wins with impeccable craft in high-paced Asia.

Having settled in China eight years ago, Pierre-Louis confirmed his reputation of a skilful creative by bringing his knowledge and art for world-renowned brands such as BMW, Bentley, Dr+Jart, Huawei, Haagen-Dazs, Lamborghini or Volkswagen. Partnering alongside talented minds in prestigious agencies; Wieden+Kennedy, Cheil, Serviceplan, or McCann to name a few, delivering work that has been celebrated by both the industry and clients alike.

Pierre-Louis is a fierce advocate for high creative standards and believes in the ability of advertising to inspire real and positive change in society. Now living in Beijing, he shoots pictures on whatever camera he has, sometimes laughs for no reason, and occasionally break the fourth wall to make new friends like you!


八年前定居中国的皮鲁将他的知识和艺术带到了宝马、宾利、Dr+Jart、华为、哈根达斯、兰博基尼或大众等世界知名品牌,证实了他的创意技巧。 与知名机构的人才合作; Wieden+Kennedy、Cheil、Serviceplan 或 McCann 仅举几例,交付的工作受到业界和客户的一致好评。

皮鲁是高创意标准的坚定拥护者,并相信广告能够激发社会真正和积极的变革。 现居北京,随手拍,时而无缘无故大笑,时而打破第四面墙结交像你这样的新朋友!

+186 0211 0290



2021 Effies

Bronze for Volkswagen ID. launch
Silver for The Volkswagen IU Concept-Car

2019 Mumbrella Asia Awards

Independent Agency of the Year and
Creative Agency of the Year, for Good People Basically


Artistic Creative Director

Cheil Beijing

Freelance Creative Generalist

Cheil, BBDO, Serviceplan Malaysia, McCann

Artistic Creative Director

Good People Basically, Shanghai

Creative Art Director

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

Senior Art Director

Serviceplan Beijing

Art Director

DDB France  


UIBE Beijing

Learning Chinese language and Culture program

INSEEC Sup de Pub France

Master Degree in Art Direction

Last revision: October 2021